Wisdom House sits on the site of a former flour mill.  The mill was purchased and leased out by a religious order, the Daughters of Wisdom, when they moved to Romsey in 1891 to establish a boys’ orphanage.  After the mill burnt down in 1925, it was rebuilt as a school.

At the time of construction it was decided to add a tunnel connecting the school building with the nearby convent (Abbey House) and to ‘go modern’ by utilising the strong flowing water on the property to provide electricity.  During World War II the tunnel served as an air raid shelter.  Following the school’s closure in 2000, the building was redeveloped and officially opened as Wisdom House in 2007.

Wisdom Centre occupies the ground floor of Wisdom House, with the archives and administration offices of the Daughters of Wisdom on the first and second floors.

The vision for Wisdom Centre came from the Daughters of Wisdom who wanted to offer reflective space and hospitality to those in need of renewal, encouragement and stillness.  Since opening in 2007 the Centre has enjoyed the privilege of welcoming individuals and groups from all walks of life and from all faiths and none.

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Photos: Wisdom Centre gardens through the seasons